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CBD artisan TEAs

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CannaNap is a CBD artisan tea that is sold throughout alternative health centers and dispensaries all across the country. Tetra Brands not only crafted the logo, but we took care of the packaging as well. In a world that demands our immediate attention, it was important that CannaNap had the "right" look to capture peoples attention. Thats exactly why CannaNap came to TetraBrands for their complete branding needs. Next time you want an easy and healthy way to fall asleep, be sure to pick up some CannaNap from your favorite local dispensary.

supplement enhancer

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For long term marijuana consumers who feel like they've built up a "high" tolerance, ThcBoost+ is the product just for you. An energy shot, incorporating 100% natural ingredients and terpenes that will enhance THC and lower paranoia. For such a unique product like ThcBoost+, the branding had to capture viewers attention immediately while providing a trusting and professional look. Tetra Brands was able to deliver on the simple and clean logo as well as the custom label design and packaging. ThcBoost+ can be found throughout many southern Californian clinics and dispensaries.

organic cosmetics and health

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With so many THC and CBD topicals on the market, Canna Curandera sets itself apart from the crowd through its clean and familiar branding. The recipe of each cosmetic product in the Canna Curandera beauty line has deep Spanish roots passed down from generation to generation. With Tetra Brands diverse design team, we were able to understand the vision of the company and bring it to life. Like many of the companies successfully branded here, we were able to deliver on all their design and packaging needs. Canna Curadera can be found in alternative health clinics and dispensaries.

THC INfused taffy

Branding  |  Labels  |  Packaging

Herbal Chews isn't your typical edible, in addition to being infused with either THC or CBD, Herbal Chews is unique in their incorporation of natural terpenes. These natural terpenes not only enhance the flavor but have shown to have other health benefits associated as well. The goal for this brand was a minimalistic style with a touch of "flavor." Not only did Tetra Brands handle all their branding, but we made sure their labels and packaging were compliant for each state being sold in. Keep a look out for this fast growing brand in CA, CO, MA and WA.

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