"I'm so happy with the logo and overall branding that Tetra created for my company. They delivered everything they said they would -- on time. From branding to labels to the final product, you can count on these guys to never turn you away."

Thomas M.  |  Top Shelf Depot

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Submitted: 10/27/17

Jolina P., Buena Park, CA

"I am proud to say I made the right decision!"

Submitted: 3/21/18

Jay G., Los Angeles, CA

"Fast, efficient, creative and the price was just right"

When I found Tetra Brands, all I had was a name in mind. After shopping around, I decided on this company not only because of the price but because they have a design team personally dedicated to working with you on the project. Also, their designs were very professional and innovative where all I was finding was clip art level work elsewhere. I am proud to say I made the right decision! Tetra  Brands was committed to providing high quality customer service as well as having the patience necessary to allow me to decide on the logo I felt best represented my company. At first, it is a little nerve wracking to be a new business owner and not even know what I WANTED, but being actively involved in the process and knowing I was in good hands made me feel more at ease. I gave them my input and after about 5-6 designs, I finally decided on the one that I felt was perfect. They even offered such an amazing deal, I had some labels for the bottles made. I definitely have to admit, Tetra Brands is now my go to one stop shop for all my business branding needs!

Since day one Tetra Brands has been more than just an amazing branding company they have walked us through everything. They had the patience and the skill to provide what we were looking for. Its not just about the quality of the work but how how easy these guys make it. Turnaround time is always on point and they're never overpriced. I recommend that Tetra Brands to the fullest, these guys can make it happen!

Submitted: 03/18/18

Jason T., Oakland, CA

"Fast, efficient, creative and the price was just right"

Submitted: 4/24/18

Gabe T., Bakersfield, CA

"Outside the box."

Tetra Brands has been a major contributor to our companies growth and identity on social platforms  . Having dealt with a few different graphic design companies, we found that most companies would present a very generic version of the idea we initially requested . With Tetra Brands , we not only got the visualizations we wanted but there were times Tetra Brands would present to us ideas that were outside the box, with things that we didn't think of and I am beyond pleased with the way we were treated.


The Kinjishibuya Team

Submitted: 03/10/18

Brandon L., Colorado, CO

"Was worth every penny."

First off, I want to say that the final logo they came up with, and the numerous attempts at their team working with you to come up with a final branding solution I was ultimately happy with, was worth every penny. 5 stars for that.



- I really LOVE the final logo they came up with

- You can expect to get exactly what you signed up for

- Their design team is very prompt & creative. I was able to get an awesome logo with much less back and forth rather quickly.


Do recommend.

Submitted: 02/28/18

Chris O., Long Beach, CA

"My new logo and labels are excellent"

For less than $1000 bucks I got a logo, label design, had them printed and delivered right to me. Service was good, response time was quick, and my new name logo labels are excellent, can't recommend these guys enough!

Submitted: 02/20/18

Travis S., San Diego, CA

"We couldn't be happier with our branding experience"

I chose to use Tetra Brands because it is tough to come up with a creative, catchy logo for my new business. In a quick search, I found that Tetra could take care of everything. We ended up hiring them to take care of brand development, labels and web design. Initially the first logos hadn't really jumped out at us, but once we ran it by family and friends, we decided on that we were on the right path. At this point, we sent our feedback to the design team and that's when they knocked it out of the park. We showed our friends and family the options and most agreed with us that the second one was the way to go. We couldn't be happier with our branding experience and the turnaround time was right around two weeks. I would highly recommend Tetra Brands!

Submitted: 09/12/17

Larry M., Alamed, CA

"I fully recommend Tetra Brands for new business owners!"

Starting our business was a very hard task. Luckily, Tetra made it easier. They helped give our business name the right flair with a beautiful logo that grabs your attention. We were very pleased with our website as well. Their branding team was very clever with the domain name and the web design was amazing. There is no way we could have done it without them. We were most pleased with our logo design. It represents our company's purpose very well, and we are proud to have it as our brand. I fully recommend Tetra Brands for new business owners!

Submitted: 06/19/17

Eric B., Albuquerque, NM

"All in all, great experience"

Very great experience with these guys. They really know what they're talking about, they walked me through all of my concerns regarding trademarks, DBAs, registering my business and even brand positioning. They have a tough job, not a lot of great domains available out there, but they pulled through. The graphic designers they have at Tetra Brands are really experts at their craft. None of that cheap crap from India, these guys are available by phone and speak perfect English. I love keeping my dollars in the this country, so I felt even better about supporting an American business that doesn't outsource overseas. All in all, great experience.

I stumbled across Tetra Brands after doing a google search on how to brand my CBD business. I was convinced, so I gave them a shot. They came back to me the next day with 4 initial designs for my business, and while I was impressed, nothing stuck. A couple rounds later they came up with a fantastic logo that had a matching domain available. The staff at Tetra was fast, efficient, creative and the price was just right. I highly recommend Tetra Brand's services.

Submitted: 03/02/18

Mr. S., Walnut, CA

"I've gotten so many compliments and I have to owe...

A couple of months ago, I had a great idea for a startup company, but had too many ideas for a name. I wrote down a list of different combinations of certain words, asked friends and consulted with some of them on what sounded the best.


Ouch, that was a huge time-waster because everyone had different opinions and good reasons on why they chose a certain combination of words to be the name of my startup.


Honestly, I was getting so sick of coming up with that "perfect" name that would be pleasing for everyone, but that's when I found Tetra Brands Online. When I contacted them, they explained to me the different services they provided and even brainstormed ideas about my idea. That was pretty awesome and totally unexpected. I ended up finalizing on the perfect name for my startup and also having them design a very simple yet sophisticated logo for my new business.


I've gotten so many compliments and I owe it all to Tetra Brands for helping me! Thanks guys!

Submitted: 01/29/18

Stewart P., Aurora, CO

"Good stuff!"

Going out on my own with a legal cannabis firm and I hired Tetra Brands to do the branding. I would highly recommend using them, all you do is give your two cents on the designs being presented and they do the rest... but try to remember the more comments, the better!

Submitted: 09/10/17

Laura C., Edgewater, CO

"Overall great experience"

I had an overall great experience with Tetra but for a reason I did not expect. After a few rounds of attempted logo creation, I landed on a design that was perfect for my business. I then had them create some business cards, letterheads and custom envelopes for me. The shipping was so fast that it really made the overall experience a positive one. So ultimately, I'd recommend the company since I'm sure they'll be able to help out plenty of other people who are looking to get a great logo. I am happy that I don't feel like I wasted any money.

Submitted: 08/22/17

Michael L., Long Beach, CA

"These guys are definitely winners in my book"

These guys are definitely winners in my book. I've know some people who have used their services and had great experiences each time. I've been planning my own business for a while now and when the time came, I chose Tetra Brands to work with. These guys know how to work with the clients to create the best, cleanest brands in the business.

Submitted: 07/16/17

John F., Phoenix, AZ

"Keep up the good work. You are awesome!"

Well Folks: I have read some good reviews about Tetra Brands and I'll have to say that I've had a very good experience with them so far. I have not always been able to respond to them promptly and they have been very patient, and in the process they have yielded some great results. They did not always agree with my ideas, and in the process I have been able to get my thoughts directed in a much more productive way and we have come up with excellent results so far. In the event that I need further assistance I'm not going anywhere else for help. In short they are great and without doubt they are on my side. Keep up the good work. You are awesome!

Submitted: 05/25/17

Kati B., Glasgow, MT

"Quality, fast, AND easy!"

Submitted: 05/08/17

Kevin B., Beaufort, NC

"Easy, inexpensive, and professional"

I did a quick search Online and found Tetra Brands. We were head over heals after just the initial round of logos but they gave us a few more and we loved the what we ultimately finalized with. Additionally, they created a business cards us. It was beautiful and met our expectations -- all of our expectations.  Next we asked for a flyers to further clarify our mission statement and they came up nailed it once again. Again, right on target! As a startup business owner its such a relief to have a professional team guide you along the way. Easy, inexpensive, and professional.  just what we needed! Thank you Tetra Brands!

You know that saying: "Cheap, Fast, and Good, Pick Two"  Because you can't have a service that is all three of those things? Like if it's good and fast it won't be cheap, and if it's cheap and fast it won't be good? Well Tetra Brands somehow broke this universal law, because they came up with a logo for my business that was quality, fast and easy!


When I first saw their pricing I was like "What!?!? How can they offer all that with that kind of cost? That's insane. They are definitely going to lose money on me. I'm super picky."


But it only took about three revisions to come up with the logo, and about five to come up with the label. I gave them very detailed feedback after each revision and we landed on a logo I was happy with after just over two weeks, which I was very happy with.  Most branding companies charge an order of magnitude more for similar services, and will take much longer than two weeks. I would recommend Tetra Brands to anyone who needs a logo for their business.

Submitted: 04/12/17

Alberto P., Santa Ana, CA

"Boy, what an experience"

During my google searching I came across Tetra Brands and boy what an experience.  I must first say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and experience but my firm belief is the negative reviews on here are from customers who didn't follow directions.  From the very first step, Tetra Brands made it clear what to expect and how to address each phase.  We went through a few phases until we landed on the perfect logo for my company.  A few phases on the label design and we mastered it.  The website followed and a few phases later boo-ya we were up and running.  The design team and everyone else is beyond ready to help.  They will continue to work for you until you get everything you want. The best part is even after the work completion I have had to go back to Tetra to request the addition of the trademark "TM" symbol and they have gladly responded! I would and will be a returning customer!  Highly recommended!

Submitted: 03/12/17

Steven M., Boulder, CO

"A big thank you goes out to everyone at Tetra Brands"

Steven and his team of experts were exactly what I needed to rebrand my business.  I had an idea of what I wanted and they took it to another level!  I was very impressed with their fast turn around on each revision and their patience for getting my business name and logo as I envisioned it.  I will definitely refer them out to other business associates that need this type of service.  A big thank you goes out to everyone at Tetra Brands that worked on our account!

Submitted: 04/01/17

Daniel C., Helena, MT

"I highly recommend them"

What a great service. I am a very picky person, and the EXPERTS at Tetra Brands never got frustrated with my endless amount of revisions I requested. Their turnaround time was quick, and they were very friendly and knowledgeable. I was unable to reach them a couple of times, but I called outside of their customer service hours. Just leave them a voice mail and they will get back to you the next morning. Also the graphic designers are simply outstanding, I even paid extra for them to do my business cards. Go check them out, I highly recommend them.

Submitted: 03/11/17

Charles M., San Francisco, CA

"If you are a start-up and don't have $5,000, these are your...

I came across Tetra Brands through a quick google search for a branding company. The cost for their services is very reasonable and gives you peace of mind that everything will be done correctly. We went through a few rounds of logos and finally settled on one. In addition, they came up with several label designs and even had them delivered to my house. Their turn around time is outstanding and are willing to work with you even when you're not sure what you want!  If you are a start-up and don't have $5,000 to spend on pricey design firms, these guys are your friends! I will use them again and again. There whole process and work flow seem to work quite well, they were well organized and responsive.

Submitted: 02/03/17

Adam M., Sacramento, CA

"I would absolutely use them again in the future"

I chose Tetra Brands to help me develop a logo for my new business. They came up with a unique awesome logo and business card for me. The team was great to work with and very patient with me.. I am still emailing them with questions and they promptly email me back with the answers. I would absolutely use them again in the future.. I highly recommend Tetra Brands!!

Submitted: 01/30/17

Hector S., Oakland, CA

"So happy with how things turned out!!"

Tetra Brands was a pleasure to work with. They delivered everything they said they would -- on time. I made several edits/additions to the logo and card design and they were always very positive.  I'm so happy with the logo and the cards - lots of added value. I would not have come up with all this on my own. I found their name on Google just messing around.  So happy with how things turned out!!

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